Overall Music

What Music Practitioners Do

Music Practitioners provide one-on-one palliative care to the ill and the dying in hospitals, hospices, homes, and other clinical settings.

By focusing on a single patient at a time, the practitioner can provide therapeutic music that meets the patient’s needs in the moment, creating a nurturing environment that facilitates healing.

CMPs play unobtrusive, soothing music as a service, not an entertainment. They have found welcoming ears in nursing homes and private homes; delivery rooms and special care nurseries; bedsides of the dying; intensive care, burn, Alzheimer’s, and ambulatory surgery units; psychiatric wards; dialysis centers; operating rooms; and massage and acupuncture clinics.

What is Expected of Patients

It is not necessary for the patient to interact physically or even verbally with the Music Practitioner. The music can be beneficial to patients under anesthesia, and research shows that even unconscious and comatose patients can benefit from live therapeutic music.